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    Alibaba ACA Certificates

    4 December 2020
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    អាហារូបករណ៍ Web Development ៥០ កន្លែង

    4 December 2020
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    Z-Valley Project Preview

    9 May 2020
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    Alibaba Cloud Phnom Penh Meetup Group (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

    21 April 2020
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    24 March 2020
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    24 March 2020
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    12 March 2020
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    Z-VALLEY Service Line

    7 February 2020
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    Cambodia’s Growth Opportunity

    4 February 2020
a new generation of Cambodian developer talent

Z-Valley Mission

Z-Valley exists to accelerate young Cambodians into the tech sector, to fulfill their talent and the needs of the country’s economic development.
We identify the naturally talented, and the most motivated, and provide them with a world class platform to realize their potential.
In one year… by replicating cutting-edge standards in pedagogy and learning environment that have been proven globally.

What are you looking for?


Z-Valley offers three main service lines to address the corporate skill shortage, and the aspirations of generation of tech savvy Cambodians who seek to advance skills to a global standard. Students have access to latest the IT technologies and developer environments through partnerships with global leaders, such as Alicloud. High speed connectivity is assured through Cambodia’s largest telco.

  • Z-Valley Coder Bootcamp

    The Bootcamp is modelled on global innovator in IT education, Ecole 42. The programme accepts up to 500 students per cohort (in 6 or 12-month programmes) for an intensive coding curriculum based on structured problem solving and peer review. This a tested, high intensity programme, with strict qualification criteria, designed to draw the most able and committed students into coding, and transform them into high value developers.

  • Tech Start-up Incubation

    Graduates of the Bootcamp or motivated tech entrepreneurs find Z-Valley an ideal environment for new product development. Access to world-class facilities, a pool of coding talent and tech mentors will accelerate their intellectual exploration and creativity.

  • Corporate Innovation Centre

    At only 135 km from Phnom Penh (125 Km to airports in Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville) corporate developer teams can access Z-Valley unique environment and facilities, on a temporary or long-term basis, to accelerate mission critical development programmes.


  • Location

    Z-Valley is in the center of a 100 Ha picturesque estate, in the heart of Cambodia's countryside, yet only 135 Km from Phnom Penh (the capital) and 123 Km from Sihanoukville (the maritime logistics hub).

    • Phnom Penh Airport - 125 km, 32 destinations.
    • Sihanoukville Airport - 112 km, 25 destinations.

  • Work Environment

    In common with international facilities such as Sophia Antipolis, Z-Valley offers students access to a natural environment and active lifestyle, to foster creativity and work.

    • Coastal resorts of Kampot (24 km) and Kep (44 km).
    • National parks Ream National Park (115 km) and Bokor National Park (60 km).

  • Campus

    The campus comprises of 4000 sqm facilities set in in 5-hectare grounds of landscaped woodland and biking trails, looking across 'Kampot Valley'.

    • 2 000 sqm open plan on the ground floor, allocated to Z-Valley Bootcamp and common areas.
    • 2000 sqm office suites and labs allocated to startups and corporate innovation.
    • 2/3 of the site allocated to green spaces.

The Numbers Say it All Why Choose Us

  • 3
    Certified Programs
  • 500
    Students per Cohort
  • 1000
    Work Stations
  • 100 %
    Satisfied Parents