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  • Cambodia’s Growth Opportunity

    • February 4, 2020
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    Cambodia has demonstrated consistently strong economic growth, underpinned by export performance and strong domestic demand.  GDP growth has averaged 7.6% from 1994 to 2015, the 6th highest in the world for that period.

    A growing number of corporates and tech firms are desperate for IT skills that are currently absent in the labor market.

    We possess a pool of young talent, with strong international orientation and eager to learn.

    However, IT education is failing

    Digital technologies are reshaping business models. In many industries and countries, the most in-demand occupations or specialties did not exist 10 or even five years ago, and the pace of change is set to accelerate.

    However, in mature economies, traditional information technology education is failing to produce the skills, quickly enough, to keep pace with technological development.

    “college is overvalued and intensely believed, that’s a sign of a bubble.” – pETER tHIEL, FOUNDER PAYPAL (USA).

    This is also true in Cambodia, where 83% of employers expect their firm to be significantly impacted by the digital revolution, but almost all find it ‘hard’ or ‘very challenging’ to recruit staff with the right ICT skills.

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