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    • Campus Kampot Location Working environment

    Z-Valley creates a new generation of Cambodian developer talent through a collaboration of global and local leaders in information technology, IT pedagogy and real estate development.

    Z-Valley is in the center of a 100 Ha picturesque estate, in the heart of Cambodia’s countryside, yet only 135 Km from Phnom Penh (the capital) and 123 Km from Sihanoukville (the maritime logistics hub).
    • Phnom Penh Airport – 125 km, 32 destinations.
    • Sihanoukville Airport – 112 km, 25 destinations.
    (Photo: Kampot Valley development)
    Working Enviroment
    In common with international facilities such as Sophia Antipolis, Z-Valley offers students access to a natural environment and active lifestyle, to foster creativity and work.
    • Coastal resorts of Kampot (24 km) and Kep (44 km).
    • National parks Ream National Park (115 km) and Bokor National Park (60 km).
    (Photo: Bokor National Park)
    The campus comprises of 4000 sqm facilities set in in 5-hectare grounds of landscaped woodland and biking trails, looking across ‘Kampot Valley’.
    • 2 000 sqm open plan on the ground floor, allocated to Z-Valley Bootcamp and common areas.
    • 2000 sqm office suites and labs allocated to startups and corporate innovation.
    • 2/3 of site allocated to green spaces.
    (Photo: Kampot Valley development)

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