• Alibaba ACA Certificates

    Alibaba Cloud Academy Certifications

    Through learning about cloud computing and obtaining industry-standard certifications, our users will be able to progress their career or boost their own business. The Alibaba Cloud Academy offers a range of certifications fitting the user’s desired education path and learning level. Get on the path to your next great journey in the cloud with Alibaba Cloud Academy certificates!

    E-Learning Courses

    Access online courses of cutting edge technologies and Alibaba Cloud solutions and best practices, such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Security and AI.

    Z Valley’s Staff Who Passed the Exam

    Until now, Z Valley Team have 9 candidates already certified for exam with totally 17 ACA certificates. List of staff who passed the exam:
    ① Chhang Chandaravuth 4 ACA (Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Big Data and Cloud Native)
    ② Kim Chong 4 ACA(Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Big Data and Cloud Native)
    ③ Kevin Sabbe 2 ACA (Cloud Computing, Cloud Security)
    ④ Yon Chivin 1 ACA (Cloud Computing)
    ⑤ Duy Panharith 1 ACA (Cloud Computing)
    ⑥ Thorn Sovannarath 2 ACA (Cloud Computing, Cloud Security)
    ⑦ Kuy Bun Thean 1 ACA (Cloud Computing)
    ⑧ Vong Chamchakrayut 1 ACA (Cloud Computing)
    ⑨ Chea Visal 1 ACA (Cloud Computing)

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